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Antimatter 08-22-2005 06:18 PM

Hello, I'm new here and have some questions.
I used an t-mobile sidekick, and now I'm looking into a blackberry 7290, which i believe is the "newest" model with a full qwerty keyboard?

Anyway I'm currently on the unlimited data plan at t-mobile, for $29 a month or so, and I'm wondering if the sidekick data plan would work with a blackberry or if i would have to get another plan?

The reason why, is i need unlimited data and e-mail support, along with at least say 50-100+ SMS messaging for those times when i need to text someone who has an cell phone.

But one thing that had me concerned was that the t-mobile AIM client used SMS? which would really kill me price wise because I'm a very poor college student and can't afford much more than a blackberry + some data plan in the 20-30 dollars range.

But I have been reading the FAQ and stuff on these forums and they have me pretty excited over the blackberry.

Anyway here's some questions:

1) What sort of cheap data plan can i have with t-mobile or any other service? I need one that has decent to good coverage of the north east because that's where i attend college and so forth, currently the t-mobile service covers all the area that i really ever need to use it, so its fine for me.

2) Is the sidekick data plan competatable, or is there any data plan that better fits the blackberry from t-mobile, or other services? I would really prefer one with NO form of limit on "Internet connections" - for IM, and e-mails among others.

2) How durable is the blackberry as compared to the sidekick, I've had horrible luck with sidekick breaking all the time.

3) Any good SSH client so i can ssh into the university unix machines to do projects and so forth?

4) Is there any good (free) support for IM and other stuff, i would like to someday be able to setup an little server in my room and connect to it to do IRC, etc....

Thank you! :smile:

Antimatter 08-22-2005 11:48 PM

Hmmm, I'm still not sure if its right for me, mainly because of the fact that I checked out t-mobile's blackberry plan and the plain one isn't bad at 29$ but to get the unlimited text i would be forced to also include a 1,000 min plan, which is pointless, because i'm deaf.

I really really dislike the sidekick so i'm searching hard to find any sort of device that can do some stuff that i need and cheaply just to avoid the sidekick.

Well, i don't dislike the sidekick, i hate it. So been trying to find something better that can do SMS messaging, e-mails, and some other stuff along with being flexable and great signal strength, along with being very tough, so far the only thing that i've found that meet all of this is the blackberry, but i mainly settled on blackberry for now because of its attractive price of 200-400$ as oposited to $600, $800 and $1,300 for some of the other higher end cell phone with text keyboard.

But I'm still not sure if the blackberry is right for me, alots of stuff sounds great to me but at the same time there's the other stuff that i'm not sure about.

shadowbox 08-23-2005 02:35 AM

Hi antimatter

Putty has now a mobile version of its ssh/telnet client, which is free. I've been using idokorro's and it's great and very user friendly but you have to buy it. It's well worth it. I use it to ssh to one of my servers and then i use one of the command line clients such as BX or IRSSI to IRC. Works great

BB 7290

merlinw 08-23-2005 08:54 AM

I'm with T-mobile, pay 29.95 for 300 minutes, and 19.95 for unlimited data, text messaging would add I think 5 bucks.

khawn 08-23-2005 11:21 AM

T-Mobile has a plan (which I'm on) for 29.95. This includes unlimited data (internet and emails) and 300 text messages. All phone calls are .20 a minute. Not bad, if you don't do a lot of calling.


Antimatter 08-23-2005 08:28 PM

I know i'll do zero calling :) Mainly because i'm deaf, and one thing that i sort of have a grudge about is verzion forcing you to have phone mintues even if you can't use them, bah!

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