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k.jacko 07-30-2008 04:18 AM

Forwarding emails takes me to contacts list
Hi all,
don't frequent here very often, basically because i don't have many problems with our BES setup and i'm not that knowledgeable that i can hand out advice.
But, hopefully i can get some from your good selves.

Our BES has 8 devices connected to it, a mixture of 7290's and 8310's and 8700's.
One of our 8290's is having a problem where the user clicks on an email and hits 'forward', it then takes him to his 'address book'. When previously, and as with the other current BES users, it should just open up the existing email and you'd type in the name in the 'To:' box. On this occasion he was forwarding the email to someone who wasn't in in his address book, and it got all messy.
I cannot find anything anywhere in any settings/options that allows you to change this. Another 7290 i looked at even had more options in the email menus that the problematic one ('forward to' and 'forward as' instead of just 'forward')
I tried wiping his handset, deleting his account from the BES and starting again, but its still doing the same thing.

Can anyone help out with this please?
Many thanks for any advice offered. :)

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