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mrclic 08-25-2005 09:09 AM

Transformation bb server -> bb web client
Hi all,
Since 2 year with have 50 bb with no problem.
This week, my friend tell me his 6720 did'nt receive email.
I look on the bes and see in the last result column "refused by the handeld".
New message for me never see it before.
I erase the bb reload the os, and at the restart a web page open asking me username and password to open a session.
But the sim card had a server line like all other.
I ask the providern SFR in France, no problem on the line it could be a sim card problems. I change bb to a 7290, I make a sim duplication to a new sim ( the old one was 3 years old) and same problem.
I erase the 7290, but put my sim card. The bb and the bes work with no problem with the same user. So i try to put the "strange sim card" and the email reconcialation stop and he open the web page with "open a session" ???
What's going wrong ??

mrclic 09-01-2005 05:09 AM

Re hi all.
Finally SFR find the solution of the problem.
The problem was I change to much the couple BB and sim card.
After a few change, the blackberry will not be able to be connected to a bes.
The provider need to reset the bb information by Rim.
And after it works fine.
If anyone has this strange problem, he know how to soluce it.

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