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aldriam 08-25-2005 11:47 AM

Issues with Sychronziation and V 4.0
Since upgrading our BES server to v4.0 we have had some issues with inconsistencies after sychronization. We are a Lotus Domino shop:

Issues we have encountered:
1. Messages or calendar entries deleted in Notes mailfile, not deleting on HH device. (Delete on Mailbox and Handheld is enabled) Hide file messages is enabled also
2. Read and unread marks are not sychronizing
3. Unable to synch Address Book ( we use the INotes template so the Action | Sychronize Address Book option is being done)

Has anyone else seen these types of issues. We are wondering if it there are still some issues RIM is still working through with the new concept of SQL database on the Notes side.

Any input will be helpful.

rbryant3 09-22-2005 01:05 PM

We are also experiencing the same issues with a similar infrastructure. Lotus 6.5, BES 4.0, etc, etc.

Read and unread is not working correctly. Read message on HH and it will not show as such on the clients PC Mail account.

Deleted calendar entries are hit and miss as well. Not much of an issue with sync on the Address Book.

BBC 09-22-2005 01:27 PM

My shop runs Exchange 2003 and we are also experiencing these same issues.

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