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JonoP 08-11-2008 02:16 AM

Problems with Calendar Synchronisation and sending eMails
Problems with Calendar Synchronisation and sending eMails

I'm about to pull out my hair (well - what's left of it). I have been looking at the BlackBerry Forum for a couple of days now and have tried the various fixes for eMail not being able to send without success (see logs below) and I have not found any fixes for the Calendar issue below.

I'm using Blackberry Professional Server Version and a BlackBerry 1800R.

The Blackberry Manager shows that the Wireless Calendar is Disabled and I have forced the Default Policy to enable Wireless Calendar.

I can find no settings anywhere else regarding Wireless Calendar in the BlackBerry Manager or in the BlackBerry itself. And the InteliSync S/W on my laptop only seems to allow Wireless Calendar syncronisation.

I'm also having problems sending eMails. I can recieve with no problems but when I try to send the eMails just stay on the BlackBerry with a red "X" next to them.

Any help in these matters would be great.

Log file excerpts (for the failed eMail sending) are below.

Excerpt from MAGT log file
(Note original eMail address has been replaced with the following text "<eMail Address obfuscated>")

[40000] (08/11 15:03:59.773):{0x364} [BIPP] Received datagram, Tag=86
[40700] (08/11 15:03:59.773):{0x107C} {<eMail Address obfuscated>} Receiving packet from device, size=167, TransactionId=1023209250, Tag=86, content type=CMIME, cmd=0x3
[30112] (08/11 15:03:59.773):{0x107C} {<eMail Address obfuscated>} Receiving message from device, RefId=489227037, Tag=86, TransactionId=1023209250
[40291] (08/11 15:03:59.773):{0x107C} {<eMail Address obfuscated>} Refers to original message, RefId=-321463747
[30147] (08/11 15:04:00.195):{0x107C} {<eMail Address obfuscated>} MAPIMailbox::RefIDtoEntryID - FindRow (0x8004010f) failed
[40183] (08/11 15:04:00.195):{0x107C} {<eMail Address obfuscated>} MAPIMailbox::RefIDtoEntryID - Could not find RefId=-321463747
[20000] (08/11 15:04:02.148):{0x107C} {<eMail Address obfuscated>} Send() failed: ERR_COULDNT_GET_ORIGINAL_MSG, Tag=86
[40277] (08/11 15:04:02.148):{0x107C} {<eMail Address obfuscated>} Sending message error to device for message 489227037
[40583] (08/11 15:04:02.148):{0x107C} {<eMail Address obfuscated>} Sending packet to device, Size=43, Tag=58, TransactionId=-929064112
[40279] (08/11 15:04:02.148):{0x107C} {<eMail Address obfuscated>} SubmitToRelaySendQ, Tag=58
[40000] (08/11 15:04:02.148):{0x3B0} [BIPP] Send data, Tag=58
[40279] (08/11 15:04:02.148):{0x107C} {<eMail Address obfuscated>} SubmitToRelaySendQ, Tag=86
[40000] (08/11 15:04:02.148):{0x3B0} [BIPP] Send status DATA_ACCEPTED, Tag=86
[40000] (08/11 15:04:04.023):{0x364} [BIPP] Received status DELIVERED, Tag=58
[40000] (08/11 15:04:04.023):{0x107C} {<eMail Address obfuscated>} FindDeviceSendTransaction: transaction not found in current device send list, Tag=58

Excerpt from DISP log file
(Note original eMail ID has been replaced with the following text "<<eMail ID obfuscated>>")

[30222] (08/11 15:03:59.773):{0xE54} {<eMail ID obfuscated>} MFH: contentType=CMIME, sizeOTA=196, sizeOTW=131, TransactionId=1023209250, Tag=13759775
[30308] (08/11 15:03:59.773):{0xE54} [BIPPa] {<eMail ID obfuscated>} Forwarding data to BES Agent (S52393231_001), size=167, intTag=86, Tag=13759775
[30222] (08/11 15:04:02.148):{0xE5C} {<eMail ID obfuscated>} MTH: contentType=CMIME, sizeOTA=84, sizeOTW=10, TransactionId=-929064112, Tag=88
[30310] (08/11 15:04:02.148):{0xE5C} {<eMail ID obfuscated>} Forwarding internal data to device, contentType=CMIME, routing=S52393231, device=204F04AE, size=121, cmd=0x3, ack=0, TransactionId=-929064112, intTag=58, Tag=88, Submit=1
[30311] (08/11 15:04:02.148):{0xE64} {<eMail ID obfuscated>} Forwarding status to relay, intTag=86, Tag=13759775, Status=1
[30368] (08/11 15:04:04.023):{0xE6C} {<eMail ID obfuscated>} Packet has been delivered to device, Tag=88
[30388] (08/11 15:04:04.023):{0xE6C} [BIPPa] {<eMail ID obfuscated>} Forwarding status to BES Agent (S52393231_001), intTag=58, extTag=88
[30000] (08/11 15:04:05.695):{0xE20} SRPClient::ReceivePacket: No received bytes (0)
[50097] (08/11 15:04:05.695):{0xAB8} [SRP] Dispatcher\SRP Connection dropped, Error=0
[30000] (08/11 15:04:05.695):{0x1110} [DIAG] EVENT=Unregister_thread, THREADID=0x1110, THREADNAME="SRPClientReceiver"
[30000] (08/11 15:04:05.695):{0xAB8} [SRP] Connection lost

Excerpt from ROUT log file

[30000] (08/11 15:03:53.835):{0x97C} [SERVICE_MANAGER] Connection established. Session=0x00982f50
[30000] (08/11 15:03:53.835):{0x97C} [SERVICE_RELAY_SESSION:UNKNOWN:00982f50] Accept service session. IP=, ServiceSession=0x00983098
[30000] (08/11 15:03:53.835):{0x1260} [DIAG] EVENT=Register_thread, THREADID=0x1260, THREADNAME="SRPReceiverHandler"
[30000] (08/11 15:03:53.835):{0x984} [SERVICE_RELAY_SESSION:S52393231:00982f50] Service claim UID. UID: S52393231 Requested SRP Version:2, IP=
[30000] (08/11 15:03:53.835):{0x1124} [DIAG] EVENT=Register_thread, THREADID=0x1124, THREADNAME="Unnamed"
[30000] (08/11 15:03:53.835):{0x1124} [RELAY_SRP:UNKNOWN:00980a98] Connecting to relay at address ""
[30000] (08/11 15:03:53.835):{0x1124} [RELAY_SRP:UNKNOWN:00980a98] Connect: Found 1 addresses for host ""
[30000] (08/11 15:03:53.835):{0x1124} [RELAY_SRP:UNKNOWN:00980a98] Connect: Host "" @ []
[30000] (08/11 15:03:53.835):{0x1124} [RELAY_SRP:UNKNOWN:00980a98] Connect: Trying "" @ []
[30000] (08/11 15:03:54.054):{0x1124} [SERVICE_RELAY_SESSION:S52393231:00982f50] Connection to relay established.
[30000] (08/11 15:03:54.054):{0x1124} [DIAG] EVENT=Unregister_thread, THREADID=0x1124, THREADNAME="Unnamed"
[30000] (08/11 15:03:54.742):{0x984} [SERVICE_RELAY_SESSION:S52393231:00982f50] Service relay connection authenticated. SRPVersion: 2
[30000] (08/11 15:03:54.742):{0x984} [SERVICE_MANAGER] Session authenticated. UID=S52393231, Session=0x00982f50
[30000] (08/11 15:04:05.695):{0x984} [SERVICE_RELAY_SESSION:S52393231:00982f50] Disconnect session. IP=


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