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Mandir75 08-18-2008 06:12 PM

tmobile contract and bold
I have a great contract with t-mobile that is up in November. It is 1500 anytime anywhere minutes for 39.99. I think I want to upgrade to the Bold or Javelin (whichever tmobile gets) but my contract might be up by then and I might not get to keep my good deal.

Does anyone know how all this contract stuff works?

John Clark 08-18-2008 06:13 PM

You should be able to keep your current plan.

Mandir75 08-18-2008 06:24 PM

Thanks! Your so fast!

dodgydane 08-19-2008 07:35 AM

Yes they shouldn't make you change your plan.
If they do say you want your PAC so you can move to a different network and you'll see that they will offer you the same if not better deal.
Find out whether they will upgrade the device for free and if they won't....once again tell them that you're planning to leave and they might give it to you for free.
You gotta love the competitiveness of the mobile market.

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