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gratnavel 08-31-2005 10:55 PM

My blackberry's email is going to someone else??
Ok, that's not entirely correct but let me explain..

I had a cell phone, and I wanted to get a blackberry for the data/email etc.. So I went out and bought one off the buy/sell from this site. The guy that sold it to me is on vacation now so I can't really ask him about this at the moment. Anyway what I did was, before I went to pick up the blackberry 7290 from this person, I went to rogers and got the blackberry dataplan put on my SIM card. Then I got the 7290, slapped on the sim card, and voila, it recognized the network and was able to send/recieve emails and calls. It responds to my old cell phone number. However.. I sent an email to myself on the blackberry.. the return address on it is that other [email address]. I thought maybe it's just the return field that is set somewhere, but I replied to that address and it went to my blackberry.

Aside from me receiving this dudes emails (which he should be worried about I guess) but I want to change the address to use my email or some new email like [email address]

Can someone help me out?


gratnavel 09-01-2005 05:04 AM

errr I think I figured out what's wrong.. That dude was with rogers as well and this pin is still associated with his rogers account.


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