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philroughton 09-01-2005 05:21 AM


I'm having to wipe an existing users BlackBerry 7290, because the unread mails were out of synch with their Outlook. However, I'm having trouble with Pre-Population - it only seems to be populating the BlackBerry with email messages since I re-activated it, instead of the 5 days, 200 messages set on the BES server.

I've removed the user from the BES and asked for the mailbox details to be deleted - I have then waited 1 hour and tried the activation process. But I still only get a few emails being populated.

Is there anything else I have to do?

It seems to remeber that it previously synched the mails before I wiped it - but I really want a fresh install with the last 5 days worth of messages,

thank you,


philroughton 09-01-2005 05:56 AM

I've tried the same process on my BlackBerry 7100 and it populates just fine on my account - so this is really confusing why it doesn't work on the 7290 on a different users account.

dodgydane 09-01-2005 07:51 AM

I've never had this problem before either.

If I was you I'd probably try to activate it wired rather than wireless, and if you have another device try activating the user on that.
What about the PIM data; does that populate properly?
Try changing the number of days that it populates the device with to 3 or something and see if this works?

Did you just wipe the handheld or did you completely reinstall the OS?

I know this is not a solution but just a few ideas of what I'd do if I had that problem?

Also....any messages in the logs?

akdumga 09-01-2005 05:05 PM

Did you happen to remove and readd the user? I believe the pre-pop goes by either the setting (5 days/200 messages) or by the original activation date (ie, when the user was added to the BES).

I could be mistaken though, I haven't played around much with pre-pop.

philroughton 09-02-2005 03:58 AM

Thank you for all the advice - it is so odd, because it pre-populated my BlackBerry with 5 days worth of emails and not the other users - I did exactly the same process - wiped the handheld, removed the users (deleting info in the mailbox) - re-added the users and re-activated. One it pre-populated the whole amount and the other, only emails since the time the user was removed from the BES.

Most odd - somewhere, some information is being held on to and not being reset, but why it should work for one and not the other is quite strange.

akdumga 09-02-2005 07:35 AM

I wonder if perhaps the users information in the SQL DB didn't get purged properly, so the BES thought his activation time fell before the pre-pop window?

I just remembered the only time I haven't seen pre-pop fire is when switching to a new handheld, but I believe this is desired behavior.

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