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BlitzSix 08-28-2008 01:38 AM

Very interesting BIS problem after changing providers..
Hey guys...

Let me try to explain this as clear as I can.. I will note anything I did regarding email here.

I was on Fido with a Blackberry Curve. I have only one email address on my phone, it's [email address] (because Rogers is my internet provider).

I switched to Rogers, and got a Bold, and gave the Curve to my friend.

On my Bold, I went into the set up email wizard thing. I just typed in my email addy and password and it worked fine, I started getting emails.

Then my friend calls me and tells me she is getting my emails on her curve. So I'm like okay I'll go check it out. I'm on my PC at this point so I just go to and try to login. I tried using my Fido username/pass and it doesn't work so I tried to make a new account, and it asks for my PIN and IMEI so I enter it. It tells me that there is already an account attached to my PIN. Okay, I go to forget my password form and type in my PIN.

I get an email on my BB saying "You have asked your password to be sent to your device. Username and password don't exist. PLease use your device to access blackberry internet service"...

Okay, so it won't let me make an account because it says I have one, when I use the forgot my password form it says I don't have an account.

So I go on and I can use my info there fine. It already has my new PIN (I guess from when I did the wizard thing through my phone) and my email address is still there.

I basically need to get rid of my Fido account and make a new one for Rogers but I can't. I don't see an option to delete account. I tried to goto "change device" and blank it out but it says it's not valid pin. My new pin is entered there by default but IMEI is blank, so for the hell of it I tried to put my IMEI and it says that that the info I provided is not valid for this provider!

So what exactly am I supposed to do? THe email thing is really weird btw because my friend got some emails that I did not (I saw them later in outlook). It's kind of hit and miss... sometimes she and I both get it, sometimes only she gets it...

I can't login to rogers BIS, I can't make a new account there because my PIN is already attached to an account... I can't get rid of my Fido account, and I can't use my Fido account normally because of course my IMEI is not valid since it's a Rogers phone...

Thanks for any help..

olly666 08-28-2008 08:59 AM

This is something Rogers/Fido could easily help you with. Sounds like a lot of hassle to take on yourself when they can fix everything for you with a phone call. Just my opinion. Best of luck to ya.

hevgrant 08-28-2008 10:26 AM

if you ring your service provider they will be able to delete the account from your old device for you they'll just need the |PIN and IMEI ive seen this happen lots of times

Dubdub 08-28-2008 01:06 PM

Call the previous carrier and have them cancel your BIS account. That will release the PIN and IMEI. The new Curve owner neen needs to call the carrier, have the phone provisioned with a BB data plan and then he/she can go to the carrier's BIS site to set up email. In addition, you should be able to go to your new carrier's BIS site and enter the new PIN/IMEI and set up your BIS account

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