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Lord Chrispin 08-29-2008 10:28 PM

Never gonna give you up.....8130 problems
Ok so I have been a BB user for about a year now......I started with the verizon 8130 Pearl and loved it.But it gave me problems (Started deleting my messages on its own) I filed a complaint and they sent me a new one.Same problems....filed another complaint.They said there was nothing wrong and I "was not using the devise properly".So I called Verizon corporate and lucky me I got a hold of a really nice guy.He told me that the 8130 had a defect where it lacked memory and if you took more than 5 pics it would start deleting memory regardless of weather you had a micro sd or not (And RIM didn't have un update to solve the problem).....Now I have no idea if thats true but he credited a new phone,One of my choice.Now I love Black Berry's so naturally I chose the 8330 Curve.And it's perfect.....I have knows a couple people that have had problems with there black berry and just given up.....not I,I love this devise and I can safely say Im in it for life lol :razz: .So before this post becomes more of a "manifesto" than a topic............anybody have that problem with there 8130? And anybody know if what the rep. told me was true?

John Clark 08-29-2008 10:33 PM

There is no "defect." The CSR was wrong. Wrong on all of it. They just load too much stuff on it out of the box. You just need to do this:

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