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imnoscar 09-22-2008 10:39 PM

Need help with my browser and google maps
I have a sprint blackberry curve and I recently removed the pocket express program (free trial expired) and now the standard browser is gone (completely as if it was removed the same time as pocket express) and google maps isn't working (just loads and loads forever though I seem to have all bars). I dont know if they have anything to do with each other but I would like some help getting the standard browser reinstalled and google maps up and running again.

RogersBTSC 09-23-2008 08:30 AM

You could just reload the OS.

Install the BB desktop manager.
Also locate the handheld OS for your device somewhere on the sprint site.
Follow these steps.

Connect your BlackBerry smartphone to your computer.
Open BlackBerry® Desktop Manager. Note: BlackBerry Desktop Manager may display "Disconnected." If this is the case, proceed to the next step to correct the problem with Application Loader.
Click Application Loader. The Application Loader Wizard appears.
Click Next.
Choose the port that the BlackBerry smartphone is connected to and click Next.
If prompted, type your BlackBerry smartphone password and click Next. The Device Application Selection screen appears.
Select the applications that you want to install on your BlackBerry smartphone.
If the Device Backup screen appears, choose whether or not to automatically back up the data on your BlackBerry smartphone. Click Next.
Click Next.
The Completing the Application Wizard screen appears, displaying all the software that will be installed on your BlackBerry smartphone. Click Advanced and make sure that Erase all application data and Erase all currently installed applications are both selected.

Note: If the application loader tool was not able to access all of the data on your BlackBerry smartphone, then the following two fields are grayed out: Erase all application data and Erase all currently installed applications.

Click Next.
Select Do not automatically create a backup and click Next.
Click Finish. The BlackBerry Device Software will be installed on your BlackBerry smartphone. Do not disconnect your BlackBerry smartphone until the process has completed.

jjmach 09-23-2008 08:38 AM

Something to try before reloading the OS, Go to Options, then Advance Options, Host Routing Table, press the menu button and select Register Now
This may solve the issue

imnoscar 09-23-2008 10:29 AM

Thank you. The routing table thing got my browser back. I'm going to try to use google maps when I go out and about today as reception isn't that great at my house so I wouldn't know if it was still broken or just getting a bad signal but the browser back.

rambo47 09-23-2008 10:30 AM

And don't forget to try a battery pull while running (the BB, not you! :) ).

imnoscar 09-23-2008 11:04 AM

Just so I know what I'm doing, what does the the routing table thing do and what does the battery pull do? I like to do more than just fix the problem, I prefer to actually understand whats going on. I think the os mentioned above would be a complete factory reset which I was fine with if it was the only way to fix the problem. I didn't find the os on the sprint site btw if anyone happens to know the url (for future reference) I would greatly appreciate it.

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