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alanatabz 09-29-2008 08:46 AM

Autotext on 8120
I have an 8120 on ornage network (UK)

In the device settings SMS, i've selected that Autotext is off, yet when I send an SMS autotext comes on.

Anybody any other ideas how to switch autotext/predictive text off?

takeshi 09-29-2008 08:50 AM

I suspect that you're referring to SureType and not AutoText. Can you verify this for us? They're two entirely different things.

John Clark 09-29-2008 08:51 AM

You're confusing SureType with AutoText. AutoText is the automatic capitalizing of the first letter of a sentence, etc. I believe you can turn off predictive text in Options >Language >Input Options.

JSanders 09-29-2008 09:14 AM

bump it up for what?

alanatabz 09-30-2008 12:22 AM

Cheers Guys, Suretype was the problem. Easy texting now, many thanks for your help.

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