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jshrum 11-19-2008 12:27 PM

Curve - Lotus send issue

I'm new to the forum and as such, of course I'm having an issue. We have purchased and setup a BES and have a Lotus email system. So far during setup and testing I have multiple devices (Curve) with an issue...they recieve email but won't send email on every one I've tested. They act like they send, the BES says they sent an email, Lotus Notes has a copy in the Sent folder, yet the email never goes to the recipient. The message says it is sent via Desktop (CMIME). I have deleted the CMIME service book from one device and resent the service books to it, yet it has made no difference.

I'll be posting this next piece in the non-RIM device area, but in case it helps to know...we also have several AT&T Tilt devices. In tests, they recieve and send, but I also have issues with what I see there:

A) The email comes from their phone number not their email address.
B) Replying to that email from them "appears" to return it to the phone number.
C) There is no record of the "sent" email in the Lotus Sent folder.
D) No record of the sent email appears in the BES.

The Tilts appear to be working because they do NOT talk to BES and Lotus other than they recieve email from it.


Thank you in advance for any suggestions...


conwawj 11-19-2008 01:50 PM

If it's in the sent folder in Notes sounds like it's an issue with Domino. Have you checked the to make sure that the messages aren't suck in the queue?

jshrum 11-19-2008 03:23 PM

That was it...the messaging server had the email held. Had to setup a route between it and the enterprise server.

Thank you so much!

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