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awtryau89 11-25-2008 07:06 PM

Keeping Gmail and Outlook Calendars from syncing to Desktop
Ok, I have searched and searched for this. I am afraid I may be using the wrong paramters. Anyway, I am hoping for a quick answer.

I am currently using DM to sync Outlook for my work calendar on my Bold. I am also using Gmail for my personal calendar (wife updates only) and syncing it OTA with Gsync. I want to keep them separate from each other except on the Blackberry. They both show up perfectly on the device and I can go in and choose the calendar I want to look at and they do stay separated. I also figured out in Gsync to select None for calendar updates so that nothing I enter for work reaches the Gmail calendar. Ok, now on to the problem. Once everything is in the device, when I use DM to sync, it tries to put all my Gmail entries into Outlook. I do not want this. How do I set up DM to filter these entries? Or is it something in the device that can be set up?

I hope I have been clear enough. Let me know if you can help.

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