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Nathf 12-03-2008 02:50 AM

Hey guys pleasee help me win and vote! :)
Hey everyone, all Blackberry users and nonBlackberry users! I really need your help here, i have recently entered a contest on facebook to win a new blackberry, to make a long story short as i do not have a blackberry at the moment BUT i did have a blackberry curve but sadly i didnt even have it for a good 2 weeks!!! because it was stolen, either through jealousy or just by an accidental thief, I don't know so now im using my old Sony Ercisson which has broken keys so i cant even text!! :( but anyways i am trying to win this contest badlyy where this week a Blackberry Bold can be won and i need lots of votes, i just need to be in the top 5 in order to win, if i unfortunately don't win then i will try again in 2 weeks(last chance/contest) in order to win a curve! I've never won a contest before so it would be amazing and so grateful! :) I honestly do love Blackberrys they are very useful and make everything to do with phone and other qualites in my life easier especially being in university adn with work and for sure eveyone elses aswell, also in my case texting ;) so please try to help a girl out that needs a new Blackberry phone and i don't even mind which one it is.. if the bold or curve, they are both great!
So please vote but since it wont allow me to post a link then all you do is type blackberry in search in facebook then applications tab and then go to the beg-for-a-blackberry contest then find me and vote!

and look for Nathalie F (btw this weeks contest ends Dec 8!) I appreciate it a lot! Thanks so much!

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