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spainb 12-11-2008 04:02 PM

Problem using Desktop Application Loader to deploy my application
I am trying to get through my first BlackBerry application install process, with difficulty.

I have compiled my CDLC application using the BlackBerry JDE, v

I am trying to install onto my BlackBerry 9000 running v4.6.0.125.

I have developed an application, which relies on several libraries. All the projects are contained in a single Workspace.

First, I am a bit confused - when I "Build All", will my application and the supporting libraries be compiled into a single .cod file that I can deploy, or do I need to deploy the .cod file for the application, plus all the cod files for the libraries?

After doing a Build All, I go through the code signing process, with no apparent problems.

I then create an ALX file, which is placed in the same directory as the .cod file for my main application.

If I go to Desktop Manager (version 4.6), and go to the Application Loader, after selecting the ALX file, I am presented with a tree outline in the Device application selection list, that appears to reflect the dependencies between my application and the different libraries. If I check the listing for my application, nothing else is selected automatically. If I check some of the dependencies, it updates the UI to apparently only allow a dependent file to be selected once, despite how many times it may appear in this dependency list.

Anyway, when I click next, I receive the error "The application 'my application name' cannot be loaded because some required files are not available."

I have copied all the library .cod files into the same directory as my application cod file and the alx file, but this does not help.

I don't even know where to look to begin to debug this.

Arg! Help please...


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