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KaSt72 12-31-2008 08:46 AM

Information on HRT provisioning and Wifi
Hi all,
would need the help of the experts in here so for me to understand what is going on with my BB.

Was on a provider before and everything was smooth, quite pricey (Near 20Euros 1Mb) but everything worked fine.

Another provider came to offer Blackberry services (the same provider I used for Internet and landline at home) and I switched my Blackberry to them. They're quite new to the Blackberry business but everything seemed to work fine. I say "seemed" because the connection to the Blackberry infrastructure via Wifi doesn't work.

Checking my HRT against the one of a phone on another provider I realise I'm missing the Wifi [60] (or might be another number somewhere else) that a lot of people on the web talk about.

My question is: does anybody know if the practice of not provisioning this HRT is common? Do they do this to force people to use Data instead of Wifi or is it simply a bug in their provisioning template? Is there a way a part from hacking their system and adding it for me to have it? (I presume it's a no).

I ask you this because I called already several times and their support, although very friendly and trying to be helpfull, goes on "Ehm, ehm, well, you know, a technician told me it's something to do with the router IP..."

Think they don't actually know what's up. So here I am, checking if anyone of you knows something about possibly missing "Wifi HRT"...

I already tried doing a "Register" on the HRT entries, I tried the battery pull trick, I tried resending service books, I tried talking nicely to my phone, even put it close to the router so they became friends, did a couple of spins and walked on my hands. Didn't fix it.

Thanks for your time and happy New Year!

ndub33 12-31-2008 09:39 AM

Carriers can certainly choose whether or not to offer wifi to their customers. If that was the case here, I would think your carrier would have been more up front about it when you contacted them. Trusting in the good intentions of others, I would guess that they just haven't figured out how to fix your issue as yet.

No hack that I am aware of to restore it for you, unfortunately.

KaSt72 12-31-2008 09:44 AM

Called again and they told me somebody was going to have a look at it.

Sent an email, hoping in some answer.

Thanks for yours btw!


ndub33 12-31-2008 09:47 AM

No of luck!(y)

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