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kamoze357 10-12-2005 10:09 AM

Types of Service Books
Hello all,

Is there one place I can see a list of all the types of service books available on a BES? I determined a week or so ago that our IT people arent that adept and I want to make sure that since I am being added to the BES today, that I know exactly what services are possible (and ensure I am not inadvertantly left out of any).

Ive been able to glean from past posts that synchronizing your calendar and having your global address book are two examples of service books but thats all I've been able to find. What services can be allowed or disallowed via the BES?

kamoze357 10-15-2005 03:47 AM


Soapm 10-15-2005 04:24 AM

There is an old post by Jibi where he posted a picture of the it policy. I would imagine most BES does is controlled by the policy.

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