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jerryg 02-23-2009 08:35 PM

Need To Backup an 8703e and a Storm On The Same Computer
I am thinking about a Blackberry Storm. I presently have an 8703e which I want to also continue using.

I was told that the Storm will not work with the PC sync software Version 4.2, or even the highest version for the 8703e.

Also, I have an old version of Office (Outlook), and the new Storm sync software will not work with the version I have.

If I forget about using Office Outlook for syncing, can I back up the address book to Outlook Express?

If I save the Blackberry addresses and appointments to an ASCII file, will this work okay?

The next interesting question is, can I use the 8703e with PC sync Version 4.6 software?

What I cannot understand is why could RIM not make their softwares compatible to work with all their devices? This puts user limitations on their products. Normaly I would expect downword compatibility.

To run out and buy a new Office program when the one you have is working for what you want to do is very expensive.

What I am going to have is a single computer where I would like to be able to save the data from both an 8703e and a Storm. I am trying to work out a workable solution. Apparently, I was told that I cannot run two versions of this software on the same computer.


jerry G.

Dubdub 02-23-2009 08:48 PM

If you have an older version of Office, try DM 4.2 SP2/SP3. That version is compatible with Windows 2000/XP/Vista and Office 2000 and earlier. That DM version should work with the Storm. 8703 shoudl work with DM 4.6

Not sure about syncing multiple BBs but why don't you just try it. Rename the backup files so they don't have the same names.

Yes you can sync contact info with Outlook Express. It is one of the supported models.

As for backward compatible, I don't know many software developers who make a product compatible with everything. Time and money involved and the ROI probably isn't there. At some point they have to cut the cord and move on.

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