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fordag 02-25-2009 01:44 AM

Calendar Sync issue with OS 4.5

I updated my device software to OS 4.5 recently and have run into a very irritating problem. I now only sync half of my calendar appointments.

Issue: with OS 4.5 you now have a separate calendar for each email address on the phone. However only your default email address will sync with your desktop application (Outlook 2007 in my case.) This may be Outlook specific I don't know.

In OS 4.2 you only had one calendar no matter how many email addresses you had, so all of your appointments no matter which email they were received/created with were sync'd.

I've been on the phone with RIM and they told me this is a known issue. I was unable to get an answer from them if it was one they are planning to fix or when they will fix it.

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