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corear 03-03-2009 11:43 PM

8310 upgraded to 4.5 and now issue with duplicate calendar entries and address book e
My wife and I have Curve 8310 phones. (Mine seems to be smart---hers not so much:))

Anyway, I upgraded mine to OS version last weekend. I had no issues.

I upgraded my wife's tonight and now it keeps trying to add duplicate calendar entries and duplicate address book entries too.

I am running Desktop Manager software version 4.3.

I have a backup of her phone, so I went back to that and can now NOT sync without getting the duplicate entries. I went into Backup and Restore-->Advanced and tried to clear the Calendar on the right side of the screen for the device. I then went into the sync settings and told it to do a 1-way copy from the PC to the device. It still just wants to copy the same entries that were duplicates before. I have done a battery reset, disconnected the USB, closed and restarted the desktop manager software.

I was thinking to install the Desktop Manager version 4.7, to clear the device calendar and address book databases and then do a 1-way PC to device sync again.

Any ideas?


MarcusT 03-04-2009 01:48 AM

Performing the steps you listed should correct the issue.

We can get complex if you like though ;)

How many email address are set up on the Blackberry? Are they BIS, BES, Redirector?

If you go into Settings>Options>Advanced Options>Service Books. Are there any entries for Desktop [CMIME] and Desktop [CICAL]?

It could be with the back up and restores performed that you may have multiple CICAL service books, which can funk up the calendar. If on BIS, than each email will have a 2 service books: one CMIME and one CICAL. If multiple CICAL's appear for an email address delete each of them and resend them from the BIS site.

corear 03-04-2009 11:33 AM

I got it fixed last night with a very manual process. I went to sync, wrote down (screen shots) all calendar entries and address book entries that it said it needed to copy to the phone from the PC. I then cancelled the sync and manually deleted those entries from the phone. I then re-synced and let it copy them over. And, now I don't have any duplicates!:razz:

I was thinking about it afterwards, and this is what I think was happening. I saw the PC had 880 or so calendar entries to copy (when processing the sync with the green bar), but it was only going to sync those that are in the future...not past-due stuff. So, when I did the Backup/Restore Advanced clearing of the Calendar, it only saw 67 items to copy. Last night, I thought the Desktop Manager was messing up becasue that number (67) didn't change from before I cleared the Calendar. Oh well. It's working now.

By the time I manually deleted 67 calendar entries one at a time scattered all through the year, I realized I had removed all calendar entries by hand. Even though my calendar database said it had 118 entries per the Backup/Restore Advanced part of Desktop Manager. Most were birthdays that happen every year, so maybe it was copying those for the next 2 years (67 x 2 = 134), but not all of them because I only had 118, so maybe not the ones in Jan or Feb that have already past...just going trhough Dec 31, 2010???

Advice for those that are trying to upgrade the OS to version 4.5...or any other version...I would suggest doing a battery reset first. I'm not sure if that would have helped or not, but it's something you have to do first and cannot go back and do later once you have backed it up and gone through the upgrade.

My wife's phone did have 2 e-mail accounts set up with only one of those on her PC to sync with. All redirector.

There were only a few address book issues, so I did those manually too, but that was easy compared to the calendar stuff.
Anyway, like I said...I got it to work.

Thanks for the advice!!!

MarcusT 03-05-2009 12:42 AM

Isn't Desktop Manager syncing fun?

Man, that sounds like a huge pain, and surely there had to be a better away around it than that, but not that I can think of currently. Oh well, its fixed, who cares, enjoy life now!

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