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Phat_Klown 10-30-2005 10:05 AM

T-Mobile BB Web Client Issue
Wondering if I am the only one that has run into this.. I have tried to bark up the T-Mobile tree, but that has only gotten me tech support folks who only know how to cut and paste the closest issue to mine, but in reality, have nothing that addresses the problem I have with them since their "upgrade" of the web client...

Since T-Mobile has "upgraded" the web client, they have removed the ability to set up a level one message send based upon the text of a message. This is critical for me and my staff, since we have to determine if an issue is high priority, based upon the text of a given message and what the problem is. They still allow To, From, and Subject fields, but do not allow the text of a message to be a determinant of if it's forwarded as a level one.

I have noticed that I am supposedly able to filter on my handheld (BB 7290) based on any of these as well as message text, but it doesn't work worth a darn. I have tinkered with it for hours to see if it was a certain set of cases or something I was doing wrong, and get the same lack of a result, with great consistency!

Am I the only one that uses this functionality?? Has anyone else been able to get their handheld to work with setting certain cases for level one alerts?? Anything extrodinary that you had to do to make this work..

Some upgrade T-Mobile!! You'll find me moving my entire team to Verizon and pushing our whole company to do the same if we cannot get some sort of resolution to this!

Soapm 10-30-2005 11:39 AM

I don't use the filters like this but I can see that you have lost functionality. Try sending to [email address] or [email address]. For the latter you may need TMO to refer you. I'm sure they won't have an immediate answer but they may consider this for the future.

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