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chrisgearing 11-01-2005 10:41 AM

Blackberry Desktop Redirector and Enterprise

My employer has a full enterprise setup and has just required me to carry a Blackberry!

However I work from home and unknown to corporate IT use fetchmail through the VPN to pull the mail to a local Exchange 2003 box.

Will I be able to configure my enterprise blackberry to use Desktop Redirector rather than connect to the corporate BES installation? And if so will my 7100v come with a full desktop redirector even though it is on an 'enterprise' contract from Vodafone.

Many thanks


Aroc 11-01-2005 11:42 AM

1. Yes *probably* (I have no experience with IT policy restrictions on the BES, unclear if these will prevent the functionality you desire). You can disable wireless email redirection from desktop manager. (which you WILL need to do). I sure hope you don't break anything.

2. Yes. But it is unclear to me why you would give up BES functionality for this. But if you have the ability to run your own Exchange box, you'll be able to work all of this out. It's not rocket science.

You're welcome. It still seems like you are trying to iceskate uphill on this one.

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