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tscallions 11-02-2005 03:02 PM

Appointment Reminders
OK, we have two people in our office that are complaining that they are ONLY receiving calendar appointment reminders on their Blackberry and not in Outlook. They both told me that the reminders stopped as soon as they were added to the company BES. Since we are just a satellite office, I have to contact our employee support department and explain to them what is going on and wait for them to come up with a solution. So far, it hasn't been going very well. All they have done is sent me an email of how to activate reminders in Outlook. Being an extremely large company I find it odd that no one else in the company has complained of this already. If it's a known issue, fine. I'll relay that info to our BB users and all will be happy. But I can't even get our help desk to tell me that. I've asked them to check around the office. Surely someone there has a Blackberry too since they are the Exchange/BES admins. See if they can reproduce the issue! Something, anything! So I have turned here. Can someone help by telling me if there is a fix or is that "just how it is." I'm just IT guy for the local office here so I don't have access to the corporate Exchange/BES servers. The two people in our office carry 7290's from Cingular. Let me know if you need more info. Thanks.

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