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Runera 03-31-2009 09:34 PM

Blackberry vs Windows Mobile 5 Help
Hi Guys

I have to do a 20min, 7 slide power point presentation in response to a Scenario given to me.

You will be presenting to the CEO of a large, corporate organisation that employs approximately 1000 staff – 12 of which make up the Senior Management Team. The Senior Management team are all currently using Windows 5 mobile devices which function in a similar way to BlackBerry. The CEO sees no necessity to change to BlackBerry however, through persuasion from the company’s CFO he has agreed to meet with you and give you the opportunity to pitch BlackBerry to him.

Objective – Deliver presentation of BlackBerry vs current provider. Basically sell BlackBerry as superior product/service.

Been racking my brain as to how to do this seeing as a)its an unlikely situation to come across b)the only big USP i can come up with that would be worth the migration is Security. But i think that’s the way to do it, after talking to the agent about my ideas this is more about my sales ability than anything else.

So i thought id drop this in here is you people who are prob more experienced with WM5 and WXS than i am can come up with anything.

My slides look something like this

Opening > BBvsWM5 > BES > Security > BB Devices > Cost & Time Efficiently > Summary

Let me know your thought would be good to get any kind of input.

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