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qstylez 04-08-2009 09:22 AM

Outlook Calendar problems
Hey all,

Still learning the quirks of my Blackberry and was looking for some help. I have 2 mailboxes setup on the BB. I was able to synch my Outlook calendar to my BB no problem. Unfortunately at that time the default calendar and mailbox was my BB email address.

Since then I've changed my default calendar and mailbox to my own domain email address. So on the BB, especially in the calendar I have events for 2 different mailboxes. The problem I'm having is:

After synchronizing w/ the Desktop Manager, not all appointments on my BB appear in Outlook. In the Outlook calendar, in the monthly view, some of the dates are in bold, but when you click on that date, there is no sign of an appointment. On the BB for the same date there IS an appointment.

Appointments that I've created under the personal domain are NOT bolded in Outlook but when you click on the day, it displays appointment details ok.

Any ideas on how I can fix this? Should I convert all appointments to one mailbox? If so, any idea how I can do a mass mail merge/conversion like that?

Thanks so much in advance!

SteveO86 04-08-2009 08:52 PM

Change your default back to normal. (Options -> Advanced Options -> Default Services, edit the CICAL entry.

Then sync it.. Make sure everything is Outlook then clear you calendar by using the Advanced button in Backup/Restore of the desktop manager then, the set the default calendar to the one you want and then re-sync.

qstylez 04-08-2009 10:00 PM

Hey SteveO,

Thanks for the suggestion. I tried your suggestion but the Outlook calendar still wasn't displaying appointments properly, so I expect that's why it still didn't update Outlook properly.

The problem is that Outlook is confused. When viewing the calendar, dates are bolded for appointments that were created in the original mailbox (blackberry email address). When you click on the bolded dates, no appointment details (description, time, etc) are displayed for that date.

Since I've changed the default service to my own domain. In Outlook, for any newly created appointments, none of the calendar dates are in bold. But when I do click on the date of the appointment, it at least shows the appointment details.

On the device, all appointments appear ok. The problem is that appointments are not displaying properly within Outlook anymore. Any other suggestions?

Thanks again!

SteveO86 04-09-2009 06:05 AM

Ok, if the BB is completely correct, create a new Calendar in Outlook, then go into the Calendar Sync setting in the Desktop Manage and change which calendar you are syncing with. Then when you sync everything from the BB will be put into the new Outlook calendar hopefully correctly.

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