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yahtzee 11-07-2005 06:34 PM

"File" option not avail
Swapped devices today (7520 to 7520) and went back through Ent Activation. When complete, there is no option to File messages. Only thing listed when i click trackwheel and view folders is this:

Browser Messages
DC Alert Logs
DC Call Logs
Missed Calls
Phone Call logs
SMS Inbox
SMS Outbox
SMS SIM Card Inbox
WAP Push Messages

None of my mailbox exists, yet i get all email delivered to handheld?

Dawg 11-07-2005 07:07 PM

Thats strange yahtzee. I try not to get my messages saved and lo and behold there they are.

Zro 11-07-2005 11:14 PM

Over the Air Folder Management happens every 24 hours I believe. However this should have happend automagically.

If you have desktop manager running, one thing you can do is connect the BlackBerry, open desktop manager, open backup and restore and click on advanced. Find the folders and folder id's databases on the right, highlight each and click clear. Disconnect the BlackBerry and reconnect it to rebuild those databases.

Or, if you don't have desktop manager, try filing something in outlook that is also on the handheld. This will kinda force the Over the Air Folder Management to kick in and should recreate the folder structure.


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