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muppetjones 05-17-2009 12:48 AM

OS, Hardwar, or Carrier Problem? Ringer and Vibrate Stopped working.
Weirdest thing -- I upgraded my 8100 to the new OS back when it came out. Loved it. No problems.

The other day, my ringer and vibrate die completely -- no warning sign. Phone still works otherwise. I did a hard and soft restart -- nothing.

So I go to AT&T today and get a new phone; after all, I'd had this one for over a year and a half, and I had an upgrade available. After I get back home, I reinstall the latest BB Desktop software to sync up my contacts; it upgrades my blackberry OS, again.

A couple of hours later, now that the 8100 is completely disconnected and SIM card disactivated from AT&T, my ringer and vibrate work again.

So which is it?

1) OS problem? -- I hadn't upgraded or messed with any of the software for weeks. While there is a connection to the upgrade and ringer restoration, I don't see a connection between the failure and software.

2) Hardware? -- Nothing significant to cause this. It hasn't been dropped, in water or otherwise. Wear and tear? Maybe. It is a year and a half old. But there are no other issues, and now it's working again.

3) Carrier? -- This seems conspiracy theoryish, but the timing is impeccable. I'm due for an upgrade, and my phone stops working -- critically stops. What better time to buy a new phone than right before AT&T is about to get the 8900 (or so rumors say) from T-mobile, and their over-priced BB flagship might not sell anymore. Of course, the only other legitimate option (preference to some) is the iPhone. Once the phone is severed from the network, it works again. Coincidence? I really hope so. Problem is, my last several phones coincidentally died the same way. My Sony-Ericksonn went completely black-screen. Came back on after disconnection.

My gut tells me it's the hardware, but if the phone is working, I don't want to pay the extra money for a new phone.

Thoughts? Anyone else had problems like this -- with the Perl 8100 or otherwise?


aiharkness 05-17-2009 07:25 AM

Sounds like the profile was set to quiet.

With the SIM not in the blackberry, what is it that would cause a message or phone call alert?

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