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dguillaume 07-03-2009 05:38 AM

WiFi Security
Hi Everyone,

I was wondering if anyone knew anything about WiFi Security.

I have a customer who regularly uses WiFi to connect to the internet when abroad to send and receive e-mails to avoid expensive roaming charges.

They are concerned that somebody with access to the WiFi network could attach to their device and access their data.

A. Is this even remotely possible? I am not aware that their are any file sharing options on the device (at least until version 5) but would like to make certain.

B. If so what can be done to prevent this? e.g. on my laptop I use a Firewall to restrict access.

c. Would it be advisable to encrypt data on the device? can you encrypt data on the SD Card?

Thank You


MidnightDraven 07-03-2009 05:43 AM

I dont think its at all possible for that happen.
When connected to wi-fi, only the router has the information about the IP address the device is using.
It doesn't show up on a PC for example as a connected network device, so you cannot access it.

Motorcycle Mama 07-03-2009 06:13 AM

If you are connecting your computer or any other device to a public WiFi network, it is absolutely possible for anyone to intercept your private data. Anything you type onto the screen is accessible. Typically, anything that appears on the screen can be accessible by hackers and sniffers. Others accessing the same network can see your traffic.

It's always advisable to be cautious with sending private data on a public WiFi.

dguillaume 07-03-2009 07:35 AM

The network itself is secure and encrypted, but as it's public, I presume somebody could theoretically access the data stored on the device, what are the risks?

NJBlackBerry 07-03-2009 07:35 AM

How do you do that with a public WiFi site. You can't.


MidnightDraven 07-03-2009 07:38 AM

I still dont see how.
As a pulbic wi-fi, its unlikely that any IP address could access the router its using, so they cant change settings/view the IP addresses of all connected devices.
they may be able to view devices connected to the network, but as the BB doesn't allow this, I dont see how anybody else using that network can see the device to access it.

hrbuckley 07-03-2009 12:10 PM

I don't know of any way someone could attack the data on the Blackberry via Wi-Fi. As long as the Wi-Fi router is using strong encryption (WPA2 preferred) data in transit over the air is protected as far as the router/access point. Once on the router though data in motion is subject to inspection by whoever controls the router, the ISP etc. unless it is encrypted by the handheld (BES, https or tls/ssl (with deviceSide=true)).

As far as someone on the Wi-Fi router, or on the Internet accessing and changing the router, that depends entirely on how well the security on the router is implemented.

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