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slicksterr 07-03-2009 06:08 PM

Help needed. Unlocked storm w/ prepaid sim card.

So I got my 9530 unlocked and all, and I bought an international pre-paid SIM card from Telestial. I will be going on deployment here in less than two weeks and I will visiting multiple countries, so I figured this was the easiest method for me to use. Anyway, that doesn't matter as far as the problem i'm having. I am trying to make sure this will work. I put the SIM card in, changed the network settings to GSM, and it connected to an AT&T network. The problem is, it's connected as SOS only, there is no coverage (or so it says). My roommate has an iPhone 3GS, so i know there is a 3G signal at our house because his is always connected. I'm just wondering why this thing won't connect to the EDGE network, it's just staying in emergency mode or whatever. It's the same when I use manual network selection and choose the T-Mobile network that is available, nothing changes. I try to go into the SIM Card options menu and disable security, but no matter what PIN I put in, it always says "Unable to disable security". What do you guys think I should do?

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