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Bigheed 07-07-2009 06:38 AM

RIMDeviceManager & Cisco VPN
Hi All,

First Post here, so apologies if this is in the wrong location.

I am currently set up with the following:

1) Windows XP on Laptop
2) RimDeviceManager running on Startup.
3) Tethered Internet Connection via Blackberry on O2
4) Cisco VPN Client.

Everything works perfectly, in the sense that I can log in to the Laptop and get to the desktop, where I am automatically prompted for my BB device password (Attached via USB). Once I have entered my device password, I can then fire up my VPN Client and connect to my workplace no problem.

The issue I am currently trying to get around is as follows:

I am looking to have the RIMDeviceManager launch PRIOR to logon after pressing Ctrl-Alt-Del, however, I cannot seem to find a working method.:cry:

I have tried having the Cisco Client launch the RimDeviceManager as an executable and also as a service (/server) when it appears just after Ctrl-Alt-Del. This does not work and still nothing appears until you actuall log in locally to the desktop.

I am happy to run 3rd party applications in place of RimDeviceManager if it works!?!

Any ideas folks? - Is there a way that I can establish my Dial Up Networking connection (3g Blackberry 9000 tethered) before the Crtl-Alt-Del Screen, so that I can log into my VPN from the front logon screen?

Any help / tips would be greatly appreciated.


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