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Hgaara 07-08-2009 02:57 PM

Any way to type extra numbers during a call?
So lets say, I call a main number, and it ask me for a certain number extension. Is it possible to make it so that the extension pin number gets automatically?

penguin3107 07-08-2009 03:08 PM

The BlackBerry will do this automatically.
Just put the extension in after the phone number. You can also add pauses in between if you need to.

Hgaara 07-08-2009 04:28 PM

You mean type the main number and while its calling just type the extra numbers? I want to do it in a way where I don't have to do it while it asks for it or so.

JSanders 07-08-2009 04:30 PM

You want to program that extension in the Contact entry.

Enter the main number, then press Menu to add a Pause, then the extension.

ftl900 07-08-2009 04:45 PM

As you enter the phone number, hit the P key when you want a pause. Multiple key presses give you multiple pauses. It will show as a P with a circle around it.

JSanders 07-08-2009 05:25 PM

same difference. ;-)

Hgaara 07-08-2009 06:40 PM

OK, I think I understand but I still don't understand just how to program the extension into the contact entry, can someone explain that part to me?

Motorcycle Mama 07-08-2009 08:22 PM

Go to the Contact in the Address Book.

Select Edit.

Scroll to the phone number onto which you wish to place the extension.

Scroll to the end of the number. (ie after the 555-123-1234 place your cursor).

Press the Menu button.

Select Add Wait if you want to be prompted to manually press the trackball to SEND the extension numbers which you will enter next.


Select Add Pause if you want to have the device automatically send the digits after a prescribed period. NOTE, you may need to add MULTIPLE PAUSES in order have the pause be long enough for your phone system.

After the Wait or Pauses are entered, type in the numbers of the extension.

SAVE your changes.
REPEAT as needed.

Hgaara 07-08-2009 11:55 PM

Ahh thanks a bunch guys, hey Motorcycle Mama... I got everything ready but one question.

When I call the main number, there's is a voice that says "Please enter your 6 digit code" and that is the extension number, which option would be best for that scenario?

Also what is the difference between Wait and Pause?

Motorcycle Mama 07-09-2009 06:11 AM

Personally, I use the WAIT function because sometimes the amount of time before the prompt can vary (especially if the message changes for holidays, weekends, or whatever). Then I get a pop up allowing me to simply press the trackball once to send the digit. You also will get the option to skip sending the digits which will return you to the regular "in call" screen.

WAIT means that the device will wait (indefinitely) for you to press the trackball to send the digits.

PAUSE will insert a two second pause for each PAUSE inserted and then the digits will be automatically sent.

Many people like the pause function. For me, I have often found that it can send the digits to so and requires some tweaking to get the correct length.

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