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rentawitch 07-08-2009 03:17 PM

Screen problems and something else.
I have just been to the pictures where I did not turn my phone off just put on vibrate only.

When I came out I could not turn on at all.
Now I have just a white screen with a message I can scarcely see. I think it says JVM error 547

the number may be different it is tiny!

Does anyone know what on earth this could be?
thank you for any assistance.

jjmach 07-08-2009 03:41 PM

take the battery out and put it back in, if that does not help you will need to reload OS


rentawitch 07-08-2009 04:00 PM

I took the battery out and replaced. One of the first things I tried. done it a couple of times.

I have no idea how to reload the operating system. Can you tell me how please?
thank you for your answer.

At present I cannot even get the white screen up.

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