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gadgetgil_clg 07-11-2009 10:05 AM

Clicking sound in soft speaker
Ok, after one random night, I started hearing clicking sounds whenever I tried to call out or answer my phone (8320). It makes conversations impossible... "Th-, ca-, wa-, je-," is basically all I get and so does anyone who tried talking to me. At the same time, my phone no longer rings and I can't play music using the loud speaker (via headphone is fine). My warranty has been expired so I replaced the soft speaker. No success. Tried replacing the loud. Minor success, briefly. The sound that came out was spotty and amazingly quiet. Then I saw I was missing a copper connector on the back housing. So I replaced the ENTIRE housing which means I ended up with another new speaker (loud and soft) but this time the connector was there. Still no success. Still clicks and still no loud speaker. Any ideas?

MidnightDraven 07-11-2009 10:31 AM

at this point i would say give up and get a new device.
how old is the device?

gadgetgil_clg 07-11-2009 11:03 AM

It's only just over a year. I'm not staying with my phone company and my contract is up in 5 months. All I need is for this to work for that long, then I don't care.

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