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weezer 11-23-2005 01:07 PM

memory cached PackageDB
Is there any body out there who has BES 4.0 running and having a similar event filling there application log?

"Found a memory cached PackageDB 053FADD0 for hardwareId 94000903 and flashSize 32768".

Also, in the logs folder there are policy log entries that I believe are related to it. In the vicinity of the line entry "Determine OTA deliverable packages for PIN #######", and a whole bunch of syntax errors from .alx files residing in the created PackageCache directory.

Does anyone know if there is a way to control or fox this?

hillrp 05-02-2006 04:23 PM

I have many similar messages in my log, such as:
"Instantiated a PackageDB object 02B74B78 for hardwareId 1c000504 and flashSize 32768" and
"Found a memory cached PackageDB nnnnnn for hardwareId 1c000504..."
According to RIM Technical Support & BES 4.1 for Exchange Release Notes (SDR# 78299), these messages are logged incorrectly. They are meant for debugging policy issues, and should be logged at the Policy LogLevel 5 setting. However, because of a software bug, they are logged at lower levels (4, 3, maybe lower). There isn't a scheduled fix release / date yet.

The hardwareId reflects the type of device (according to RIM):
4000404 = 7750
1C000504 = 7250
4000904 = 7130e
104 = 6750
404 = 6750 w/GPS function

twinkiefan 09-12-2006 07:18 AM

Anyone with an update or further insight on this? I'm seeing the following on a BES with great regularity. I have a single app indexed and set up as part of a Software Configuration, required on 4-5 devices per an App Policy.

EventID: 20000
Message: [20000] (09/12 07:08:53):{0x1A18} Found a memory cached PackageDB 0BD6CF88 for hardwareId 94000903 and flashSize 32768.

FWIW, the destination IP listed above is seemingly an invalid internal IP address. !?!

Any help appreciated.

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