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skimunky 07-30-2009 09:31 AM

Storm isn't receiving email after OS update
Hey, I'm a bit of a Blackberry newb, so apologies from the outset. I've searched this forum and the internet for help, but I am stumped.

I just recently updated the OS on my boss's Storm to the release from the .75 version, and he is no longer getting emails or syncing. We have Blackberry Professional Software installed on our server and wireless syncing had been working perfectly. BPS was a free download for one user, and my boss is the only user of our BPS.

I couldn't get the phone to retrieve the update over the air. I went into Options > Advanced Options and chose the Wireless Upgrade option, but it would seem to get stuck on the screen where I think it was requesting any available updates.

As a result, I downloaded the update to my boss's pc, connected the Storm via USB and let the update install that way. It seemed to work correctly. It backed up the data on his Storm and then applied the update and presumably restored his data as well. I saw somewhere on the phone that it was listing the updated OS version number, so that also seems to confirm that it updated.

Unfortunately, he hasn't received any emails to his Storm since the update was applied. I've checked the BPS on our server, and the User tab of Blackberry Manager shows my boss's name, his Storm's pin #, shows the Status as running and shows a Last Contact Time of a minute ago. However, I find in Blackberry Manager that the Blackberry Version is still listed as the old OS, Also, while it shows Last Forward Time and Last Contact Time from a minute ago, it has a Last Sent Time from a couple of days ago with a time stamp about 30 minutes after I believe the update of the OS completed.

I'm really not sure of what to do to attack this problem short of coming here for help or paying a relatively hefty sum to Blackberry for support.

I appreciate immensely any help that anyone can offer.



penguin3107 07-30-2009 09:39 AM

You need to do a new Enterprise Activation on the device.
Doing an OS update as you've done will break the connection to BPS. Doing an EA will reestablish communication.

skimunky 07-30-2009 09:49 AM

Wow, thanks for getting back so quickly. I will try that this afternoon.

Thanks again,


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