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Marxico 09-02-2009 11:09 PM

Editing contacts on PC -- Unicode (foreign language) characters and "categories"

The BlackBerry Bold is my first smartphone, and I'm trying to organize my contacts. I've imported over 500 from my old phone, where I had "categories" organized using letters of the alphabet as such:

a name1
a name2
a name3
b name1
b nam2

etc (primitive, isn't it?). Now I need to edit 500 contacts to organize them into BlackBerry's "categories" feature and strip the first character from their names. Clearly I'd prefer to do this on a PC. However, I've run into a few holdups:

1) Half of these contacts are in Korean, and the CSV file format does not support unicode characters. Ergo if I export to CSV and open the file with excel, these characters are all replaced by question marks (???)
2) Outlook Express does support unicode characters; however, it does not (so far as I can figure out) allow me to edit "categories".
3) I found a tutorial to edit the address book using the desktop manager ( With a BlackBerry, how can I edit the Address Book? - Knowledge Base ), but step 5 (double clicking the address book) doesn't work for me.

This has proven to be rather frustrating. What are my options? So far as I can tell:
1) Set aside a few hours and edit the contacts one by one on the BlackBerry (please tell me there's another option).
2) Pay money for this 3rd party "ABC Amber BlackBerry Converter", when I'm not even sure if it will work well.

Is there another way that I'm overlooking?

Thanks in advance.

usblues1965 09-03-2009 07:32 AM

I'm going to make an assumption about your contact method in my response. I'm assuming the letter infront of the contact name represents a business or institution, and the names are of contacts at the particular business or institution.

With a BB you will have to have a seperate contact entry in your adress book for each name, you can't have a comany with multiple names in it. I have that issue with multiple contacts at the same comany and the work-around I came up with is to put the company name in the "title" section. Example lets say you have two ppl who work at the romper room, John doe and Jane Doe. In your address book in title you put Romper Room then the name and other info you need for that contact. Do the same for Jane Doe. When you go to your address book and enter ro, all of the romper room contacs will be listed in order you simply scroll to the name you need to contact and your on your way.

I believe tho this is going to mean basically sitting in front of the comp for few hours and re-doing you contact list in Outlook then syncing it with your BB. I hopw this helps.

takeshi 09-03-2009 10:00 AM


Originally Posted by Marxico (Post 1464399)
Is there another way that I'm overlooking?

Have you checked to see if Outlook (not Express) supports unicode?

Marxico 09-03-2009 11:02 PM

Outlook express supports unicode, the problem is I don't see a way to edit the "category" in outlook express.

I want to use "categories" instead of title or company name, because these lists are completely disjoint. (I'm a party promoter, and different event invites go to different groups of people). I want to be able to use the "filter" function to view separate lists. The problem is assigning these categories one by one on the blackberry will take forever, so I want to do it on my PC.

usblues1965 09-04-2009 06:54 AM

From the looks of this, only Outlook, not outlook Express will do what you need. Express is a basic program, limited functions.

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