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brooksp 09-14-2009 01:03 PM

Attachment failure messages - can turn off?
Hi, newbie here, not to mention a non-BB user. My boss has one and for some strange reason (I'm the IT guy) thinks I should be able to troubleshoot all her BB problems. This is the latest: "Apparently when I receive a file with an attachment thatís too large for the Blackberry to receive, it sends a failure message to the sender, so he thinks that I did not receive the message/attachment, but Iím actually receiving it just fine on the office computer. Is there a way to disable that failure message from the Blackberry?"

Any ideas on resolving that one? We are using redirector (I'm fairly sure), and most PCs here are running Outlook 2003, by way of Exchange Server 2003. Thanks for any help, as I am completely ignorant about these evil crackberry devices :?

rambo47 09-14-2009 01:48 PM

There is no way to turn off the notification for failure message, at least not on her BlackBerry. If her BB is transmitting these messages to the original sender of individual emails that failed to download, check her settings. Open her Messages folder, then use the Menu key for Options > Email Settings:

Confirm Delivery: No
Confirm Read: No
Send Read Receipts: No

If it's possible to keep these messages from being sent, these would probably be the settings to do it.

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