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makedonce 09-28-2009 08:00 AM

Quesion in regards to billing intervals
I had some dispute with my provider about how they determine the billing intervals of 100KB of data when the device is roaming and they said that every time a message is received, the network connection is established. I apparently have one hour to use the 100KB. If i don't use the KB within one our, the session is closed. This cycle repeats every time a message is received.

To me this does not make sense, because if I follow this logic they are billing me for 2.4 MB per day in roaming even if I receive one mail message every hour (24 hrs in a day x 100KB per hour?)

Does anyone have any additional info about this "session ending after one hour issue?" I thought that the device is always connected to the network.
In addition, they use the 10kb billing cycle when the device is not in roaming.

Thanks in advance

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