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wblewett 10-20-2009 11:24 AM

multiple calendars question
I have three calendars that show up on my BB. One for facebook, one for my work email and one for my personal email.

I have only ever synced my calendar from Outlook at work. I have deleted the facebook app for the BB and have never attempted to sync my cal with my personal email.

For a while my calendars were (seemingly) randomly applying events among the three even though I only synced from work. I used Desktop Manager to clear the Calendar Database and resynced from Outlook. Now all of the events show up on the same calendar, but it is the facebook calendar instead of the calendar for my work email.

Is it possible to delete these other two calendars (not the events, the entire calendars) and make sure that my outlook events are synced to my work calendar on the BB?

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