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Upnext808 10-26-2009 01:16 PM

Technical Issue---1st Post
This is my first post I am new to this forum and I am mainly going to be having questions that involve the actual assembly of Blackberry's, and less on the OS and those sort of issues. I am wondering before I spend most of my day taking apart and switching out parts, if anyone knows if the parts are interchangeable aside from motherboard and screen, with the 8310 and the 8330. Basically I have a water damaged 8330, and an externally damaged 8310, i.e. scratches, paint chipped, camera lens cracked, ect. Now the motherboard in the 8330 is fried, but I want to take the outer casing off of the 8330 and put it on the 8310. Can I do it aside from some small cuts i'll have to make in the plastic to allow access to the sim?

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