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Ridz 11-18-2009 05:58 PM

Free BB Apps for 8700 & Messenger

I have a 8700 i have downloaded the BB apps world, unfortunately it says it wont work as it has a track-wheel.

Does anyone have any sites where i can download free apps? also how can i check and see if my BB messenger needs updating with out going on to the BB's apps world?

Thanks in advance



tsac 11-18-2009 07:34 PM

You can download the latest OS at the site

rambo47 11-19-2009 07:28 AM

There is no update for the 8700's BB Messenger app, other than what comes bundled with the most recent OS. And that's old. Nobody is developing for a legacy device like the 8700 anymore, so what you have is about all there is. It's still a solid device and quite capable with the basic BlackBerry functions, but few of the latest apps will work on it.

At the top of the 8700 Forum you'll find a link for the most recent OS. Make sure to pick the one specifically for your exact device. Don't use the 8700 version for an 8703, etc.

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