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atobey 12-02-2009 11:58 AM

Attachments from specific user don't show up
I have a strange issue and I'm stumped. I'm the BB admin for our company with about 1700 users. We have 1 outside company that when they send us attachments we cannot see them on the BB. But we can see other attachments on the same BB and we can see the attachment in Outlook.

For example:
- user sends email with attachment (pdf file). I receive the email but the attachment doesn't show on the BB
- if i forward the email to another user that doesn't help
- i can take the same attachment and send it to myself from Gmail and it works fine.
- have had user send multiple attachments to multiple people and have the same problem. Can open attachment in Outlook, can't see attachment on BB
- sent attachment to Storm, Tour, Curve, and 8830 World Edition devices. Works fine on World Edition but not on other phones.
- problem only seems to be from this 1 outside company.

Any help or suggestions would be great appreciated.

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