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Hammerhil 12-22-2009 09:42 PM

Storm 2 9550 or Bold 9700?
I find my personal cell phone contract coming to an end and I am going to pick up a new BB. I currently carry a work 8830 but feel the need to separate my personal stuff from the company phone.

I am most interested in the storm 2 or the 9700. The storm 2 reviews only seem to mention how it stacks up to the storm 1 and doesn't compare it to other BBs. I've never used either storm so I am going in cold besides what is written in the reviews.

What I am looking for is a phone that does all the usual BB stuff like messenger, but I would also like to add a few games, connect it to my car for tunes, and probably install a bunch of apps. I hear that MS office has made it to the newer phones, so I would probably use that. My uninformed opinion is steering me towards the Storm 2 because it seems like a much broader platform than the the 9700, which I expect will run much like my 9930.

If anyone has likes or dislikes, or just a personal opinion which one they would buy for themselves I would love to hear it!

It will run on the Telus network if that makes a difference...

akosnitzky 12-22-2009 10:12 PM

Wirelessly posted (Lets Go Canes!)

For me, it would be the 9700. I am not a touch screen person. That is a big issue for some

Hammerhil 12-22-2009 10:18 PM

I am not sure about the touchscreen, but plan on trying out one in the store before I make the final decision. I am leaning towards the storm because of its big screen.

Both have the features I am looking for, so it boils down to usability. Are there any Storm 2 lovers out there?

dankarlinski 12-23-2009 07:19 AM

Wirelessly posted (White and Nerdy)

You say the storm runs a broader platform... I disagree... The 9700 and storm2 are almost the same. 9700 runs 5.0, I believe the storm does too ( maybe 4.7). Either way, basically the same. The 9700 is much better for typing, although the storm screen is bigger due to lack of keys...

Battery life will be much better on the 9700 due to smaller screen... And with the 9700, you don't have to worry about verizon crippling everything you wanna do

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