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aharrison 12-29-2009 12:46 PM

Verisign VIP Credential for BlackBerry
I just wondered if anyone had any experience with this app? It works fine for me, my question is just related to backing it up. When I did a low-level wipe on my 9630 I lost my original credential. PITA only because I locked myself out of my paypal and ebay accounts.

I restored from my regular DM backup and I had done a backup of my 3rds using BBSAK1.7. After the restore, when I ran the VIP app, it treated me as if it were a brand new install and generated a shiny new credential id for me. Not what I wanted.

I've changed my backup habits to include a full backup using Advanced backup through DM and manually selecting everything, a BBSAK1.7 backup of my 3rds, and a simple SyncToy backup of the F:\BlackBerry directory (f: being the mass storage mode mount point).

Should this be enough to cover my credential if I have to do a full restore again?

I sent a inquiry asking about the technical details a few days ago to the email addr suggested on their website, [email address], but no response as of yet.

I was hoping someone more knowledgeable about where 3rds store their settings on the BlackBerry might have some insight.


tsac 12-30-2009 01:47 AM

The experience I have had with Verisign is the credential WILL invalidate when it thinks the device has changed or it's internal markers have changed. I would assume doing a restore wiped these hash marks and if it were me i would want this to happen to keep security levels high.
Also I would not expect Verisign to respond with any internal information they consider confidential.

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