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PhillyMan 01-04-2010 10:48 AM

[REVOLUTIONARY] A way to ping between iPhones and BBs
Hi guys, yes im new here and I have an idea.

I was thinking about how to integrate the Ping! for the iPhone and the BBM into one system.

First of all, I find it very weird that there is not a company out there to make an application that 'combines' the Ping and BBM, allowing iPhone and BB owners to communicate for free.

But I have an idea!

First, what makes Ping and BBM so attractive to use?

First of all, it is free (get an unlimited data plan, and you have unlimited communication). So it is free, unlike sms or calling.
Second, unlike MSN or other chatapplications, Ping and BBM are very well integrated into the phone and doesn't use third party apps to make the chats happen. Which makes this application very user friendly.
Third, Ping and BBM doesnt need any login. You login once, and you will be logged forever.

So here is the deal. iPhones and BBs do not only have the Pingapp or BBMapp very well integrated into the OS/phone, the email system is very well integrated aswell. So why dont people use the email system to chat?
Well, chatting over the inboxes of your gmail, hotmail, yahoo, etc, account is very annoying, as you get an email for every single chat you make: getting a new email for every 'hello' and 'goodbye' pollutes the inbox.

So what you have to do is to make an email account, that is specially made to chat between, actually ANY, device that can push emails. So you make an additional email (or new) like [email address]. And this mail is just for chatting only, you wont ever actually open the inbox or use this email for something else, so there is no such thing as inbox pollution.

Emails are free just like Ping and BBM. You dont need a third party application, like MSN, and phones that push emails have that system very well integrated into the phone which makes this 'emailchatting' very user friendly, just like Ping and BBM!

If we all start doing this, communicating between phones will no longer have boundaries. No more dictating companies that impose the obligation of only free chatting between their own devices. We can start the revolution today!

What do you think?

ifonline 01-04-2010 04:15 PM

I think you have put entirely too much thought into "fixing" something that isn't broken. But hey, if you want to chat via e-mail, be my guest.

rambo47 01-04-2010 07:01 PM

If you're really into chatting, use something like BeeJive. It's great for long conversations. Me, I'm a rebel. If I wan't to have a long conversation I (gasp!) use the phone feature. If you want just to send some simple info and maybe get a response, SMS messaging gets it done.

BBMessenger is BlackBerry-only and is going to stay that way. As it should.

ifonline 01-04-2010 07:41 PM


Originally Posted by rambo47 (Post 1540664)
Me, I'm a rebel. If I wan't to have a long conversation I (gasp!) use the phone feature.

You, kind sir, are a liar. And your pants are on fire. There is no phone in these things! ;-)

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