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frankdoylezw 02-11-2010 03:15 PM

Google Sync: Only an "Unknown" Calendar on Blackberry

I have been trying to get Google Sync working on my Pearl device. Here is my problem:

* I can sync from Google calendar to the phone - the events fill the Blackberry calendar fine. BUT - if I create an event on the phone, I cannot sync this to Google calendar.

SO: I thought I might be using the wrong calendar. I checked the calendar entries (Calendar>MENU>Options>Calendars=UNKNOWN). Unknown is the only calendar listed.

The very first events I entered seemed to be from this UNKNOWN calendar in a purple colour. These synced. However, after syncing, every time I created a further event the only calendar I could create this in/ send from was the calendar associated with my gmail account (blue colour). Because I could not longer create events in the UNKNOWN account, they no longer would sync.

So, now I am in the position where I can create events on the Blackberry (using the blue coloured gmail calendar) but they won't sync. They won't sync because I can't create them in the UNKNOWN calendar (purple) that appears to be the only sync calendar - I can only use the gmail calendar and this does not sync.

Sorry for the long post, but can anybody help me use just one calendar and have this sync? I have tried and failed to remove the UNKNOWN calendar (deleting cical service books). I have also wiped the calendar from Desktop Manager and tried top start again but it is the same scenario every time. I can sync the first few events from the UNKNOWN calendar but after that it reverts to the gmail calendar.

frankdoylezw 02-11-2010 03:17 PM

Oh - one other thing: In Google Sync, there is only the option to select my GMAIL calendar and not the UNKNOWN calendar - the UNKNOWNcalendar is not listed! I guess why after the first sync nothing further syncs from the device to google.

SO: Before first sync Google Sync is set to sync with the DEFAULT calendar. As this is the UNKNOWN calendar (it seems) this sync works. After this first sync, in Google Sync Settings there is no longer a DEFAULT calendar, only my @gmail calendar. The Blackberry Calendar does not list this same calendar, however - only the UNKNOWN calendar.

I know my problem is simply to match the Google Sync Calendar with the Blackberry Calendar but neither allows me to!

Please help!

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