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dding0919 03-17-2010 03:08 PM

how to switch BB to keep old appts
I need to upgrade BB for some users. Since they have BB so most appts are already synced with existing BB. If I switch them to the new BB and use the EA to wirelessly enable it do I get all appts sync down to the new BB? I thought any items if already synced once it won't sync again. Is that true?

Here is my problem. If a meeting was scheduled to next week and already synced with the old BB last week. If I repalced it with a new BB and EA it wirelessly then that meeting for next week WILL NOT get on to my BB. If that's the case the user will miss the meeting after receiving the new BB.

How to avoid that? I was told that I have to use Desktop Manager with transfer option which will make all old appts onto the new BB. Is that the only way?

BTW. When EA wirelessly I got a prompt to wipe the handheld. Can I avoid that because some of the handheld are personal and have stored some personal information.


jsconyers 03-17-2010 03:33 PM

That's not correct. Setting an EA password and activating a new device will copy over data/contact/appointments to the new device.

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