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simon00 03-18-2010 09:00 AM

Blackberry 8520 Youtube Video quality
Hello all, I wonder if you could help me as I have been pulling my hair out.

I purchased a blackberry curve 8520 and im realy pleased with the phone.

I have been using youtube since I brought the phone and found that the picture quality using the bb browser has been ok but not great.

Well I thought nothing of it as I thought this was the video quality i should expect. Anyways over the weekend just gone i viewed a clip that i had viewed previously and with amazement the picture was incredably sharp, full screen and the sound was also better. I hadent done anything with the phone, installed apps, changed setting etc.

I used youtube on the Tuesday (two days later) but unfrotunatly it has gone back to the realy crappy image again. Does anybody know why this may have happend? Im using it with a wireless router and the signal is always strong, it just dont make sence. I was hoping the picture quality had not improved in the end as i would have not known any better. I have also changed the setting on the phone to use wifi only just in case it is trying to connect with mobile network but nothing has changed. I did also check on the net and tried various youtube apps but still the same.

I know there has generaly been a problem with youtube and blackberry but has anybody had any issues with vedio quality changing? Do you think its youtube streaming high and low quality? The clips i was viewing have been the same so it cant be the clips.

Any advise you people can provide would be so much apreciated as badly want the high quality clips back lol.


aiharkness 03-18-2010 10:50 AM

Wirelessly posted

Interesting that you obtained strikingly different quality on the same page on different occaisions.

Two things I can think of to look at. Pay attention to what you have running at the same time. Close everythings else that can be closed and make sure you don't have any apps running in background. And see if clearing your browser cache makes a difference.
I assume you were using the same browser, but you might compare to see if hotspot browser gives different results than internet browser.

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