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halberdier25 04-10-2010 01:41 PM

FIXED // [[9630 Help]] Removed ringtone still plays
TL;DR: Tour with custom ringtone won't stop playing the ringtone, even though I have no evidence to show that it is still in the phone's memory or access it.

BlackBerry 9630
v5.0.0.591 (platform // OS5

Verizon Wireless

Good afternoon,

Just having some annoying issues after upgrading to OS5 with some ringtones.

I use my own custom ringtones converted and provided by I save them on a 2GB microSD card.

I upgraded to OS5 early last week and and recently was sent a small soundbyte by a friend. I thought it would be a cool text message alert (turned out it isn't, which is what most of the issue is). I converted and received it from phonezoo and set it as the ringtone for SMS, MMS, and emails for both accounts on the Loud profile. I didn't know what Level 1 meant, but I set that, too.

But then would play twice when things were received. Also when I went to the home screen. It would also play (after a delay) after I touched the keypad while the phone was still vibrating (which normally means it stays quiet). It doesn't make noise at all on Vibrate, Alarm Only, All Alerts Off, or Silent, but still plays on Normal and Medium.

I changed the tones for all the alerts and now those will play, but the original soundbyte still plays that second time. I removed it from my microSD card, but it still played. I physically removed my microSD card, but it still played. It does not show up in my BlackBerry's media list anywhere. I put the card into my computer and didn't see it.

Any way to get rid of it? I have backed up my BlackBerry onto my Mac since adding it, unfortunately, otherwise I would just revert to the backup.


I apologize if I didn't give enough information or the right information. I don't know what can help.

zerog46 04-10-2010 02:14 PM

Did you do a battery pull with the power on.

halberdier25 04-10-2010 02:57 PM

Wow. I didn't even think about something so simple.

Fixed. Thank you.

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